What Makes You Different?
How Do You Show It?

Whether your selling real-estate, Cars, Boats, RV's etc. Trying to attract customers to your Bed & Breakfast, Restaurant, Hotel or Club, or even promoting an event, Hi Tech Pix has you covered.

In today's world the internet is its own force. One that no matter the area or size of your business, you can and will benefit from being part of it. The key is representing yourself to appeal to the Hi tech culture that the internet is. That's where we come in.

With 360° Virtual Tours you can transport a person from their home or office into your Business or Real-estate, and show them what it's like as if they were actually standing there. Couple that with Digital Photography of the business, or Real-estate and you can provide them with an in-depth perspective that will not only capture their attention but keep you in their memory.

"If a Picture is worth a thousand words, a 360° virtual tour is worth a million"

The average online property with a virtual tour receives 40% more views than listings without tours!

EVERY DAY more than 107,000 REALTOR.com visitors choose to view properties that have virtual tours.

These days, virtual tours are one of the most important tools for selling, renting, or leasing your properties online. Consider this: 92% of home buyers consider the addition of property photos to an online listing a must.

What seller wouldn't be impressed by your ability to dynamically promote their product or service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with this incredible marketing tool.


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